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thengugi, about Peter Ngugi

Peter Ngugi, a 25 year old Kenyan national has been living in India for the last four and a half years. During his stint here, he rose to soaring heights professionally as a software engineer, emerging triumphant in the Hackathon 2014 organized by IBM, for whom he would later
become a Technology Ambassador. His sublime surge continued unabated as he tactfully amalgamated his knack of problem solving and proclivity for entrepreneurship, and founded a technology company in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore.

With seemingly everything at his disposal, he makes an ostensibly counter-intuitive move, relinquishing it all at once for some mystifying reason and embarking on a desultory endeavor to discover himself and his natural vocation.
While traversing across the mystical realms of Incredible India, his spirit is enriched by a multitude of diverse experiences, opportunities, and people. He is absolutely in love with this country, its warmth, flavours and hospitability. However, sometimes he is faced with overwhelmingsituations, where he suddenly becomes the cynosure of all eyes, drawing unintended attention from the locals, who glare at him curiously yet innocuously. He is often addressed as “Negro”, which offends and agitates his mind initially but after allowing it time to settle, he sees things more rationally, culturally and empathetically owing to realization and identification of a clear gap in knowledge between the Indian Sub continental and the African communities about each other’s culture and beliefs. Incidentally, incidences of altercations between the Indian and the African communities, apparently provoked by Racial prejudices are on a rise causing this gap to grow into a chasm which if not bridged
soon, will become insurmountable.
He is on a mission to address this gap and ascertain the deeply embedded reasons for the growing friction between the two communities.

The core objective moreover is to acquire a deeper understanding and broader perspective on the 3R’s associated with racism, “Racism: Reality, Reasoning and Response”. In his own words “The issue is not merely racism, but also how we respond to it”.
Consequently, this campaign involves achieving the same through a multitude of human interactions which will result in acquiring an empirical understanding of the reasons for the growing acrimony between the two communities. As a part of the campaign he will be travelling across India on a bicycle while interacting and interviewing people along the way and recording their responses through the means of Videos and textual documentation. The campaign will include travelling 6000 kms. from Shillong, Meghalaya to Bengaluru, Karnataka. Besides, another salient feature of the campaign is conducting workshops/seminars in educational institutions in 12 cities across 10 states en route.
The information collected will be analyzed, shared with the respective consulates and used to propound a solution for mitigating the situation and further fostering Indo-African bonds of friendship and brotherhood.